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  • Sleep Timer Android App
  • Sleep Timer Android App
  • Sleep Timer Android App
  • Sleep Timer Android App
  • Sleep Timer Android App
  • Sleep Timer Android App
  • Sleep Timer Android App

Sleep Timer

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Sleep timer turns off your music, videos, and your favorite app when you sleep. Let Sleep timer focus on your phone so you can focus on your sleep. Sleep timer is perfect for adults having trouble falling asleep, sleep timer is perfect to help put your baby to sleep, sleep timer is your perfect tool to help your get more sleep!

Do you want to play music, watch videos, or listen to audio podcasts while you or your baby falls asleep without having to worry about draining the battery? Sleep Timer helps control music presets so you can snooze to relaxing sounds and automatically turn everything off once you're sleeping! It's fast, friendly, easy to use, and great for soothing lullabies! Sleep timer let you fall asleep to your favorite music every night!

Sleep Timer lets you play music, sleep songs, and other relaxing sounds as you drift off to sleep. You can leave your phone or tablet alone knowing that the app will automatically turn the screen off and stop the music after a period of time, allowing you to take a nap without worrying that you'll wake up to a dead battery.

To use sleep timer all you have to do is start listening to music or white noise on your favorite app (Spotify, Youtube) as you fall asleep. Set a timer on the app before you put your phone down, and when the countdown runs out, sleep timer will automatically stop the music or even turn off your phone! It doesn't matter if you're playing white noise videos or listening to a podcast music, the app will take care of your phone to save you battery.

Sleep Timer features:
• Supports your favorite video, music and audio apps, including Spotify, YouTube, and more.
• Shake Extend – shake your phone to extend the timer in case you're not asleep yet. You don't even have to unlock the phone or open your eyes!
• Fade Out – Sleep Timer automatically lowers the volume at a gentle rate before turning the music off.
• Customize Sleep Timer - including fade out duration, shake extend options, and more. Plus, turn off Bluetooth or Wi-Fi when you fall asleep.

Still not sure sleep timer is perfect to help you sleep? Do you turn off your music or sleep app right before you sleep? Do you think this worry makes it harder to fall asleep? Let Sleep timer handle your music app, video app, baby app so you can focus on your sleep.

Sleep Timer is a smart and easy to use app that makes controlling your music a breeze. Let it turn off your screen, silence your music, and more, all while you fall asleep to your favorite music and videos. Download today and sleep better right away!


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