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Happy Lock

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In the age of smart devices and all-access apps, how are adults supposed to keep their children safe? By using a strong parental control app such as Happy Lock.

Happy Lock provides a full set of security, screen-time, and remote locking features designed to help parents monitor what their kids are doing on their smart devices. It also makes it easy to enable screen timers and parental control locks that can limit which apps a child can use and even encourage them to return devices to an adult by adding a fake lock screen!

Features included in Happy Lock:
- Allow or block apps from access
- Set screen time limits for kids
- View app usage history
- Remotely set time limits for a child's device
- Create a secure lock screen
- Set an automatic device lock time
- Restrict camera and hardware button usage
- Choose custom lock screen themes
- Prevent app uninstallation

The minute any kid gets their hands on a smart device, it's easy for them to launch any app or visit any website. The addictive nature of technology also encourages children to stay glued to their smartphones and tablets for hours on end. Parents who want to restrict this type of behavior can use Happy Lock to prevent certain apps from running while their child has the phone, restrict how long the device can be used, or block a few private apps from launching unless otherwise allowed.

Who should use Happy Lock? Anyone who has ever thought the following:
- Is my child addicted to mobile games?
- Could my kids locate private data or apps on my phone?
- Will my child keep using their smartphone for hours on end?
- Is it possible for my children to access objectionable content on a device?
- If I let my kids borrow my device, will I have to fight with them to get it back?

Happy Lock is intended for kids between the age of 2 and 7 and aims to help parents to get the device back without a fight. Download Happy Lock today and help keep your child's relationship with technology safe, healthy, and wholesome. You can set custom timers to prevent screen addiction, block certain apps from access, and even remotely create timing restrictions to prevent harmful habits from forming.

Get your phone back from your kids without a fight with Happy Lock, the best parental control app around!


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