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Number Tracing Book

🤩 A fun colorful workbook designed to help kids learn how to count from 1 to 20, with tracing and drawing exercises! 🧒


✔️ This workbook helps kids learn to count and draw numbers the easy (and fun) way. Activity pages have tracing exercises for each number from 1-20, including connect-the-dots, number matching, and more. Give your preschool kids a head start in their education by giving them these number tracing sheets and letting them learn by doing! ✏️


🔊 What's in this Number Tracing Workbook:

  • Complete 20 different number recognition and tracing exercises.
  • Learn how to write all of the numbers from 1 to 20.
  • Build fine motor skills and pen movements by tracing.
  • Bonus section for more creative learning styles.
  • Earn certificates in the back of the book. Put them on the fridge/wall
  • Bright colorful pages for kids to learn numbers in a fun way


📚 In addition to the 20 main exercises, your child will have extra space to be creative and practice on their own. There are even bonus activities that combine the main lessons to improve retention, and certificates to earn at the end of the book! 🥇


✨ Fun activities in 123 Tracing Workbook:

  • Pencil control and line drawing
  • Find and circle the number
  • Follow the line and draw the pattern
  • Match the number with objects
  • Connect the dots with numbers
  • Count the objects and write the number
  • Fill in the missing numbers
  • Dot-to-dot coloring number sequences
  • Color the pictures and more…


🎯 This number tracing book is a great way to help your preschoolers learn to write, draw and trace numbers. 🥳 The activities are designed to improve retention and the 20 different exercises will help them learn all of the numbers from 1-20. Plus, there are bonus activities and certificates to earn at the end! 🔥


🎓 Get this fun workbook with over 40 pages to expand your child's knowledge of numbers, sequences and learn how to write the numbers 1-20. 🚀

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