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Kindergarten & 1st Grade Writing Paper With Blank Picture Space

✏️ Handwriting, journaling, and creative story practice for kids, all in a fun and satisfying draw and write book! It's a great way for kids to get in some handwriting practice for preschool, or to help children get started with a drawing journal using story papers designed to boost creativity. 🗒️

Help your kindergarten, preschool, and older kids unleash their inner artist and writer with this half-page lined paper write-and-draw journal packed with over 100 pages of high-quality handwriting paper and drawing space. 🤩 It's the ideal writing book for beginners, offering 3/4 of the page for writing and the remaining space for drawing or sticking stickers.

Kids should begin their handwriting journey early, and with this open-ended creativity book, they'll have no trouble getting into writing, drawing, and storytelling. 📗 This draw-and-write journal features blank pages structured with two bold lines and a dotted line in between, forming the perfect guide to write both uppercase and lowercase letters. There are no prompts or other distractions, just blank lined paper, allowing kids to freely express themselves by scribbling, forming letters, words, and sentences. It's an excellent outlet for their creativity! 🎯

🔊 Features of kindergarten writing workbook:
• 100+ pages with bold and dotted lines
• Blank areas for drawing and coloring
• Fun activities for kids
• Premium cover design
• Large size - 8.5" x 11"

✨ By practicing daily, your child's handwriting will show incredible improvements, even over short amounts of time. ✔️ It's a great writing journal for kids of all ages, and you can even use it as a kindergarten journal or an open writing prompts book for kids.🔥

🎓 Get your copy of this fun handwriting book today and watch how much your child's skills improve! 🚀

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