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I Love You Lucas

😍 A heartfelt storybook for kids that's all about how much parents love and care for them. Perfect for babies, toddlers, and children ages 3-5! 📖

Lucas the lion lives with Mom, Dad and his little sister, Baby. 👨👩👧👦 Sometimes Lucas is happy, like when he bakes cupcakes with Mom, or when his Grandparents come to the park. Other times he's sad, like when he hurts his knee playing football with Dad. Often Lucas is good, putting on his own raincoat to play outside. But he can also be naughty, splashing in muddy puddles with his best friend, Ruby. ⛅ One day, Lucas realizes something. Whether he's excited, frightened, cheeky or sulky, his family always says the same thing. Why do Mom, Dad, Grandma and Grandpa always tell Lucas they love him? 🥰

I Love You Lucas is a timeless story that explains unconditional love to children. Young readers will recognize situations they've been in themselves; such as being cheeky, getting hurt, or not wanting to share. 🤩 They'll also identify with Lucas as he experiences many familiar emotions. This charming tale is humorous, heartwarming and most importantly, reassuring. Children will learn that, no matter what they've done or however they're feeling, their family will always love them. Starring several cute characters from the popular Lucas and Friends app and YouTube series, this storybook will become a firm family favorite. 😀

💕 Share the gift of a touching story with your child to let them know you love them. Get this "I Love You Lucas" book today! 🔥

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