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How To Draw For Kids (No Paper Needed)

🤩 Encourage your child's artistic side with this clever and fun drawing book for kids! How To Draw For Kids is packed with step-by-step guides, tracing templates, and coloring pages that make it the perfect learning and training aid for kids ages 4-8 and beyond! ✏️

How To Draw For Kids book teaches drawing skills in an easy to follow way. 📗 Pages are filled with step-by-step instructions and amazing pictures that guide children through the drawing process. 🥰 Complex objects are broken into circles, ovals, rectangles, squares, and other shapes, making them easier to sketch out, and matching pages offer kids a chance to practice tracing the full picture free-hand before coloring it in. 🎨

Drawing is an amazing activity that engages parts of the brain few other activities do. 🖌️ Featuring 50+ easy-to-follow drawing lessons, this book covers everything - animals, birds, nature, foods, musical instruments, vehicles, toys etc. 💡 How to Draw for Kids Ages 4-8 can help your child improve their motor skills, exercise their brains, find fun new hobbies, boost their self-confidence and find a healthy way to release emotion and so much more! 🦄

🔊 How to Draw Book for Kids includes:
• Step-by-step drawing practice for kids ages 4-8
• 50+ cute things to sketch and trace
• Top-quality original illustrations
• Big and bold tracing lines
• Gradual increase in complexity
• Simple directions and step-by-step illustrations
• Premium cover design with 8.5" x 11" size
• Certificate for kids at the end of the book!

This drawing and coloring book for kids features Lucas & Friends, a team of animated animal pals who star in numerous videos, apps, and books by RV AppStudios. 🦁 Lucas, Ruby, Lilly, and Brody are loved by children around the world, making them ideal teachers for educational materials like this!

🎓 If you're looking for easy drawing books for kids ages 4-8 then this book is perfect for the little artists in the family! ✔️ Nurture the budding artist in your child's life with this fun, entertaining, and educational drawing book! 🚀

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