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Cursive Handwriting Workbook

🤩 A cursive handwriting workbook for kids that teaches the cursive alphabet with fun letter tracing exercises. Perfect for kids of all ages! 🧒

✔️ Help your child improve their handwriting skills with this fun and educational beginning cursive workbook. With 108 pages, kids will have plenty of opportunities to learn the entire cursive alphabet through tracing exercises, drawing and coloring games, and simple handwriting challenges. There's no better way to learn cursive than to pick up a pencil (or crayon!) and start writing! ✏️

Lessons are designed to keep kids both engaged and entertained. 🗒️ It all starts with simple tracing loops and strokes, then includes more complicated lines, individual letters in uppercase and lowercase, and finally full words, sentences, and paragraphs. ✍️

🔊 What makes this a perfect book for kids who want to learn cursive?
🔹Letters are arranged alphabetically from A to Z.
🔹Tracing pages feature follow-the-line and connect-the-dots exercises.
🔹One letter per page to improve focus and retention.
🔹Includes word and sentence practice.
🔹Difficulty gradually increases to keep learning fun without frustration.
🔹One letter per page, UPPERCASE and lowercase with picture.

✨ Bonus features:
🔸Learn 2 and 3 letter words, then move on to longer ones!
🔸Write the numbers 1 to 20 in cursive.
🔸Special facts and fun sentences to write.
🔸Fun 5-minute games to enjoy.
🔸Learn positive affirmations like 'I am happy' and 'I am strong'
🔸Pictures of Lucas and Ruby to color!

🎯 These wonderful alphabet tracing lessons are presented by Lucas & Friends, the cartoon pals that have helped millions of children learn through games, videos, and workbooks! If you want to introduce your kids to anything from the alphabet to colors, numbers, shapes, basic math, and other lessons, there’s no better way to learn than with Lucas, Ruby, Lilly, and Brody. 🔥

🎓 Get this cursive handwriting workbook today and help your children start learning! 🚀

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