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100 Timed Tests for Addition and Subtraction

🤩 A fun and interactive workbook to help your kids master the fundamentals of mathematics. Includes timed math drills for counting 🔢, addition ➕, and subtraction ➖, practice problems, and so much more! ✏️

This humble math workbook is an excellent resource for parents who want to help their children ages 4 to 7 years old improve their math skills. 📗 It includes questions and drills for all of the numbers 0 to 30, all arranged in order of difficulty with 100 days of reproducible practice problems, speed drills, timed tests, and exercises. It's an incredible resource to get your kindergarten and preschool beginner math genius started! 🎯

🔊 Types of mathematics quizzes and skill drills:
• Counting and number recognition
• Addition practice problems
• Subtraction exercises
• Mixed practice problems
• Single and double digit math questions

✨ A simple but challenging math practice workbook that helps kids of all ages improve their mathematics skills. Lessons are designed to keep children engaged and motivated from beginning to end. ✔️ Each page features a different concept and exercise to ensure better focus and retention. The book starts with simple math problems and gradually progresses to more challenging concepts as the child advances through the book. 🔥

🔊 Features you'll love:
• 4000+ addition and subtraction problems
• Easy to read pages with large fonts
• Gradual increase in difficulty for improved learning
• Timed tests on each page to boost speed
• Simple instructions for every puzzle
• Answer key at the back of the book
• Certificate for kids at the end of the book

🎓 Whether you're a parent, grandparent, caretaker, or teacher, this book is perfect for anyone who wants to help a child improve their math skills. Order now and watch your child's math skills soar! 🚀

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