Secure Password Manager and Media Locker

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Secure is a convenient, all-in-one password management and media locker app that allows you to store login details, photos, videos and notes securely.

Secure - Password Manager and Media Locker is the only app that lets you safeguard and store your data with complete privacy across all of your iOS devices. Login information is protected by AES 256-bit encryption. That means only you can access them, not your neighbor, not us, not even your best friend! Keep your files, passwords and photos safe with Secure!


  • Password Management: Store passwords for your most frequently visited sites. Powerful password generator to create un-guessable passwords.
  • Secret Folder Feature: Move images and videos into the photo vault to keep them private and secure.
  • Browsing: Secure web surfing with a built-in browser and multitab browsing keeps you more productive.
  • Media Storage: Organize photos, videos and notes into albums for easy viewing.
  • Privacy: Your data, photos and files are accessible only by you!
  • New Features: Use Picture-In-Picture to watch a video while using your iPad for other tasks. Use Spotlight Search to find things quickly on your iOS device.

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